Launched in 2016-17, Santoor Women’s Scholarship is an annual programme dedicated to empowering underprivileged girls who wish to pursue higher education after Class 12. Instituted by Wipro Consumer Care and Wipro Cares, the fund supports 900 girls every year.

That’s one step closer to empowering an entire nation.



*Please note that nominating a candidate does not guarantee the scholarship. The candidate will be considered under the general pool for shortlisting, provided she fulfils the eligibility criteria and the terms and conditions as laid out.
Wipro Cares reserves the sole right to offer the scholarship and also has the right to modify/reject/withdraw and/or discontinue the offer without assigning any reason. No other body/agency is authorized to make any offer on the Santoor Scholarship.

Over the last two years, close to 1800 students have received support through the Santoor Scholarship Program.

Besides students inclined towards professional courses, those showing a keen interest in pursuing their higher education in the fields of humanities, liberal arts and sciences are strongly encouraged to apply. Preference is given to students from backward districts.